Digital infrastructure forthe electric future
Eli’s mission is to accelerate equitable electrification by solving hard problems and sharing our solutions with the entire movement.
The ProblemWe’re not moving fast enough.If we don’t build the capacity to electrify our lives at a much faster rate in the next few years, we won’t meet our decarbonization goals. This moment calls for a new approach to innovation that places progress above winner-take-all competition, where stakeholders big and small have access to the tools to scale electrification rapidly and meet the challenge of our generation.
What We DoEli unblocks innovation at the scale of the problem.We believe technology that accelerates electrification should not sit in walled gardens. We partner with software startups, contractors, nonprofits, government agencies, incentive program administrators, and lenders to streamline access to incentives and financing for both commercial and residential electrification. We tackle technically complex problems that are slowing down progress and make it easy for anyone to incorporate our solutions into existing systems and programs, unlocking immediate impact and efficiencies at any scale.
Core Products
Eli's suite of products and APIs handle all the challenges of incentives so you don’t have to.
Incentive Eligibility + Stacking APIsFrom marketing campaigns to proposals and point-of-sale, our APIs empower your customers with personalized, detailed incentive eligibility determinations within your UI.
UI ComponentsWe offer a suite of UI Components built on our APIs that can be easily integrated into your UI as-is or customized to meet your needs.
Micro-toolsBig solutions can come in small packages. Our micro-tools solve critical pain points for Incentive Program Administrators and Marketing & Outreach providers.
Need something custom?
Work with us to develop and integrate Eli into a bespoke flow and system curated for your organization’s needs.
Our PriorityBuilt for equity.Our team has spent years working to ensure the communities most impacted by climate change have access to the benefits of clean energy and electrification. Eli uses code to make understanding and accessing climate incentives easy for everyone, not just those who have access to premium products and experiences. Our products have helped deliver millions of dollars in climate equity incentives to the communities with the greatest barriers to access. Read more about it here.
Customer StoryAccess Clean CaliforniaWe partnered with Access Clean California to streamline the pathway to clean energy incentives and benefits by bringing California’s climate programs together in a simple, intuitive web platform and seamless application experience
Our partners
Consumerswho want to electrify their homes and vehicles.
Government Agencies, Utilities, and their Partnersadministering climate incentive programs at the Federal, State, and Local levels.
OEMs + Retailersbringing critical electrification products and technologies to market.
Nonprofits and Community-Based Organizationsdoing Outreach, Education, and Marketing to bring the benefits of electrification to disadvantaged and frontline communities.
Innovators + Startupsbuilding powerful new platforms that will drive consumer electrification adoption for years to come.
Green Banks and other Financial Servicesfirms financing the massive wave of electrification investments ahead of us.
Let's get to work.
Partner with us to build the electric future.