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Streamline and scale your incentive program for equity and efficiency.

Eli makes your job easier and faster.

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Turnkey software

Our products integrate seamlessly with your existing tools and processes.

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Built to put you front and center

Eli is a powerful, flexible, behind-the-scenes platform. We eliminate costly back-end engineering costs while your program takes center stage for users and clients.

Launch and level-up incentive programs with ease

Built to scale

Our technology already powers some of the largest climate incentive programs in the U.S.

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Our products, and the User Experiences we support, are informed by 3 years of user testing and real-world user data, with an emphasis on supporting users with the greatest barriers to access.

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Our team has extensive experience in highly regulated industries, including finance and mortgage technology.

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Verify income

Build best-in-class income verification into any user experience, including categorical eligibility, self-attestation, document review, and IRS Tax transcript verification.

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Enable easy incentive stacking

Your clients increasingly want to enable easy incentive stacking for applicants. Eli is the only fully automated stacking tool available throughout the U.S.

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Make life easier for your contractors

Provide contractors with access to Eli to streamline every step of the process, ensuring they can provide every available incentive to their customers.

Why Choose Us

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We know electrification

We’ve spent nearly a decade helping people access clean energy and our products are informed by years of user testing and real-world data.

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We care about every dollar

We’ve helped deliver millions in climate equity incentives to communities around the nation, making sure contractors and customers leave nothing on the table.

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We focus on equity

Eli is the only income verification solution purpose-built for reducing barriers to access for low-and-middle income incentive programs.

Our products already power some of the largest climate incentive programs in the United States.
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