Eli for Incentive Program Admins
Eli provides turnkey software that powers equitable, efficient incentive programs.
Why EliDon’t reinvent the wheel.Launching and managing accessible, equitable incentive programs is no small task. Your investments in outreach and marketing must be paired with secure, stable, and user-friendly systems to screen and qualify applicants for eligibility based on complex and dynamic rules, verify income, collect documents, and more.

Eli makes this easy by consolidating the entire process into a simple, proven platform that can be customized and incorporated into any existing system or process, while ensuring your applicants are screened for any additional incentives regardless of funding source or jurisdiction.
The hard parts, made easy.Eli integrates with your existing tools and websites to solve the most technically complex aspects of incentive programs, from income verification to managing incentive stacking logic.
Turnkey One Stop ShopEli turns your program into a One Stop Shop, giving applicants access to all of the funding they qualify for from state, local, municipal, and federal programs.
Equity-Focused User ResearchOur products, and the User Experiences we support, are informed by 3 years of user testing and real-world user data, with an emphasis on supporting users with the greatest barriers to access.
Stable, Scalable + SecureOur products power some of the largest climate incentive programs in the U.S., and our team has extensive experience in highly regulated industries including finance and mortgage technology.
Our productsUse our plug-and-play products to manage applicants at scale, or work with us to customize them for your needs.
Screen your leadsScreen applicants with our dynamic question flow to filter out applicants that don’t qualify for the programs you manage. Our screener product asks your applicants only the right questions for their context to ensure they are efficiently pulled into your funnel as a qualified lead.
Provide stacked incentivesOffer the optimal combination of incentives that your applicants qualify for. Go beyond simply pointing them to a flat list of programs to apply to by offering a simple, easy to understand bottom line incentive stack.
Collect applicationsOur application product stores an applicant’s eligibility and collects relevant fields to the programs they qualify for. Integrate applications into your CRM to seamlessly manage stacked applications, removing the complexity of incentives so you can focus on managing your pipeline.
The Climate Incentive Eligibility API
Bring electrification incentives and rebates into any digital experienceFrom marketing campaigns to proposals and point-of-sale, our API empowers your users and customers with personalized incentive/rebate eligibility info without having to redirect them to third-party websites or maintain accurate up-to-date incentive data yourself.
Stack incentives to make sure customers get all the funds they qualify forRather than a simple list of programs, our API handles the complexity of stacking logic and returns the best combination of available incentives, rebates, and financing, simplifying complex eligibility rules and ensuring users get every dollar available.
Easy IntegrationWe offer multiple “off the shelf” integrations and simple, well-documented end points to make the API flexible and accessible for a wide range of use-cases. We also offer a suite of UI Components built on the API that can be easily integrated into your UI as-is or customized to meet your needs.
Our Services
Custom developmentWork with us to develop and integrate Eli into a bespoke flow and system curated for your organization’s needs.
Digital Consulting & StrategyWe can work with you to design and deploy a digital strategy for your incentive program.
Get Early Access
Eli’s Climate Incentive Eligibility API is currently in private beta with a small group of partners, with Early Access launching in 2024. If you are interested in receiving early access to our API and toolkit, please fill out the following form to join the list!